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February 7
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Year of the Horse - Poster Edition by Rariedash Year of the Horse - Poster Edition by Rariedash
To be honest, I didn't believe that I can make this.
I worked on several designs for the Horse and the Dragon and I'm really bad in Chinese Dragondesign.
But finally I find a way through and now I'm presenting my new Picture. My last few projects all belong to
be wallpapers, but I didn't want to limited myself on that, so I made a little compromise for how wanna have one
and splitt it in 2 wallpapers you can find in my gallery.

So lets talk about the content here.
At first I wasn't a big fan of Trixie, she is a bit lordly and a bit dump. But look closer. She is one with some kind of
great magic. I mean she beat Rarity, RD and Applejack in her first appears. She may be a liar.. or isn't she?
I mean she is a traveling wizard to entertain other pony's. Show me a wizard who isnt a liar. Its all for the show.
So I think she is a bit misunderstood. Her character seems to be a bit to easy create and very limited from Hasbro.
Her 2nd appears doesn't fit right in my knowledge about how she would act. That was more Fanservice than 
character development. 
For me a entertainer should be blame for a good show so at the end I don't blame Trixie or Hasbro ;)
So right up to this I wanna show a much brighter Trixie with good in her, all knows its Year of the Horse, so its fit perfectly
that she would make a big light-show and bring happiness into PonyVille :3

I hope you like my little colorful and TOOO MUCH LIGHTING picture (J.J. Abrams would be proud of me :3 )

What do you think about Trixie, and of course my picture? Tell me :3

Your colorful Pegasus,

Ps.: Header for Equestria Daily Drawfriend #1070

Thats awesome, thanks to Sethisto and Equestria Daily <3
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Artwork such as this is always eye candy if you're big on special effects, proportion and lovey color mixture. And although photos like this can be seen throughout the website- this piece in particular can leave a great taste in the mouths of many art appreciators when you realize the creativity and excellent design put into this picture, making it come to life.

It's here we have our generally misunderstood traveling wizard pony, Trixie, displaying her magic in a fireworks extravaganza celebrating the current Chinese New Year (the year of the horse), as many ponies watch in awe.

The amount of time and effort that was put into this photo must have been a lot, as it clearly shows in a flawless poster-like photograph! Between the setting of the moon in the distance, mixed in with the fireworks and smoke, it really is an awe inspiring piece in which nothing appears superfluous or unnecessary.

As far as I can tell, the photo idea in-itself is very original considering how I, personally, would have never though of a photo as, honestly, brilliant as this one! Choosing Trixie to celebrate the Chinese New Year (of all Holidays) with fireworks was an ingenious idea that was executed perfectly.

Overall, this photo is an incredible piece and the pony design is simply excellent- especially for this photograph. And although the personal impact isn't tremendous, it makes a positive lasting impression.
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Very nice. I love how polished your work is here. Since season 4 started, Most of the fandom has nearly forgotten about Trixie, and I'm always extatic to see some honest effort and new breadth added to a character in a way that not many others see. I couldn't give you a perfect score for originality, because of the lack of innovation on Trixie's pose. Its almost too signature, and if not for a closer comparison to the first few scenes from Boastbusters, I would have thought this a carbon copy.

Technique is flawless, and rightfully so. There are small features in the piece that I doubt many others would consciously notice on their first overview of the work. I love how the clouds in the background seem to complement and reflect the Dragon and Horse. The serpentine spirals of the clouds on the left seemingly framing the dragon, while the soft, smooth, cottonball like clouds on the left fade into the distance like a journeyed walkway from which the horse first started.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that you maid J.J. Abrams proud because he uses lens-flare way too much, and honestly, I'm so glad you didn't. Any amout of harsh light of that manner would literally destroy your work. If you apply lens-flare in the wrong place, it will draw your eye against the main focus of the piece, and if you decide to give Trixie a little of the flare, then you risk diluting any and all detail you've given her in this piece.

Glad to have seen your work, and I look forward to your next work.
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Animewolfgamer Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
The colors :D
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Wow! That's a awesome piece you made.
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WOW! Now thats something Everypony would like to see.
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thanks and happy new year to you too ^^"
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where did pinkie come from
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